Blog 1: Gypsy Danger!

Romani people are often stereotyped as thieves and criminals when in fact, thieving is not a cultural practice at all. After reading the Introduction and Chapter 11 of We Are the Romani People by Ian Hancock, as well as the Introduction to Roads of the Roma: A PEN Anthology of Gypsy Writers, look for some examples of the misrepresentation of Romani people as the “dangerous thieving Gypsies” in pop culture. It could be a song, a TV show, an article, story, an image, a film that criminalizes Romanies… there are a lot of examples out there in a multitude of genres. Post a link to the example, and in 300 words discuss what is problematic about it, and what the effect is. (Does it incite antigypsyist sentiment? Does it exoticize Romanies?) You can refer to Hancock to help you argue your point.

Remember to comment on at least one other classmate’s blog post– your responses should be thoughtful and at least 5 sentences. You might build of the other person’s point or respectfully disagree, but you should add to the discussion in some way.

This first post is due 1/13 at noon.


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