Blog 2, The Sexy Gypsy

Blog 2, The Sexy Gypsy

The Sexy Gypsy (male and female) has been a trope and a stereotype for centuries. Historically this sexualization and objectification was used as a way to dehumanize and further oppress the Romani people through sexual slavery and/or forced castration or sterilization. In contemporary popular culture, the trope persists– a sexualized and exoticized image of the Romani people is often appropriated and to sell products, titillate, or conjure images of the exotic, mysterious or forbidden. This week, find an example of “The Sexy Gypsy” and explain what’s going on. Scholars like Hancock argue that when an ethnic group is mythologized or exoticized, it makes it easier to forget that they are real people, and makes their struggles as an oppressed group invisible. Indeed, many other minorities with a history of oppression are similarly exoticized and sexualized.

In 300 words, describe what you see in the example you chose, and explain what you think it suggests, represents, or shows. Some places to look are TV shows, fashion magazines, romance novels, costume shops, and films, but there are lots more. Provide a link to your example so the people who read and comment on your post can see what you are referencing.

Remember that you are making an argument– stick to reasoning and use examples from your source to support your point. Make at least one (5 sentence +) comment on another person’s blog post.


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