Blog 3: Gypsy Clips

Popular culture is a reflection of the culture that created it, and it also communicates something to the culture that consumes it. This is what makes pop culture so fascinating to analyze. It’s also why representations of minorities and other underrepresented groups are so important. 

For this week, you need to go youtube crawling. Post a short clip of a TV show, film, commercial, or documentary that in some way misrepresents Romanies or Romani culture, and in 300 words, critique the clip. Is it sexualizing? Mythologizing? Dehumanizing? Why? Consider visual rhetoric in your analysis too–visual arguments are just as important. How is the clip edited? Are there important sound effects, close-ups, cuts, montages, etc., and how do those elements affect the representation of Romanies? And lastly, consider the context and audience. Is it supposed to be an educational clip? A kid’s movie? How does that influence your analysis?

You might find a clip that you feel challenges Romani stereotypes and depicts Romanies/Romani culture more accurately. Feel free to write an analysis of how that clip represents Romani people. You’ll still need to use specific examples, context, visual rhetoric, etc to make your argument.

You might find a clip that does a bit of both, so your analysis should address the problematic aspects and the positive aspects. 

Regardless of the kind of clip you pick, at the end of the analysis, tell me what you think the effect is. What is the message the clip conveys? What do you think the consequences could be?


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