Blog 4: Exploring Patrin articles on culture and tradition

For this week you need to pick one article from Patrin Web Journal’s Culture and Traditions page to write about. Pick something that you are interested in, and in 300 words, (briefly) recap what you learned, and explain why it’s interesting / important. You may find that you can relate to the article in some way, so feel free to explain how you can relate.

The Patrin Web Journal is an excellent collection of articles about Romani rights, issues, culture, traditions, etc. Patrin is the Romani word for bundles that Romanies leave for other Romanies to show where they are going and where they came from. The bundles usually were made up of feathers, leaves, ribbons, and other materials, all of which had a symbolic or literal meaning, and were meant to be read as a kind of travel narrative. This is a very old custom, and it isn’t used by all nomadic Romanies anymore, but it is an enduring cultural symbol.


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