Blog 5: Mulvey’s “Visual Pleasure and Cinematic Narrative” applied




Look at Rita Hayworth, all dolled up in a negligee! She seems to be in bed (is that a headboard behind her?), and waiting for someone. We are facing her, but she’s looking away, like she hasn’t noticed us yet….

Whether or not you agree with Mulvey’s theories, she has shaped the way that we understand film, photography, and visual rhetoric. For this week’s post, you need to read Mulvey’s article in the Course Library, and in 300 words, apply it to a film scene or snapshot depicting Romani culture in some way. In other words, use her theory to analyze the scene or photograph. Feel free to use the work you are thinking of writing about for your paper. 

Mulvey uses a lot of Freudian terms and theories to construct her argument, so if you aren’t familiar with Freud or psychoanalytical feminism, here’s a great entry on it from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy:

(P.S. I hear Rita Hayworth is 1/2 Romani)


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