“Gypsy” Gaga “doesn’t want to be alone.” Yikes.

So, we heard Lady Gaga’s song “Gypsy.”

First, someone please tell Lady Gaga she isn’t a Gypsy. When she uses her position of power and privilege to play brown-face and romanticize Gypsies, she makes it harder for the Romani people to rise above the stereotypes that are still used to oppress them. If Gaga wants to endear herself to the actual Romani community, maybe she could 1. use her fame to talk about the Romani human rights crisis, 2. dispel the stereotypes that she is currently perpetuating, and 3. create work that acknowledges the Romani as people with a real, rich culture and not some Western fantasy.

As much as Gaga’s depiction of Gypsies sucks (that’s the academic term, I think), there is something that caught my interest. Instead of dressing up like the “sexy Gypsy” stereotype like Shakira and others, she wears a mustache and talks in a ludicrous accent. I’m not saying that’s necessarily better, I’m just saying it’s different. How do you interpret her gender-bent performance? What’s your analysis of her performance and the song lyrics? What kind of message is she sending? What could she do to counter the negative effects of her performance? If you want to join in the discussion (for extra credit/fun) tell me what you think with examples in 300+ words.


Image source: http://www.news.pinstyle.com


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