Class reflection: Extra Credit

So it’s the end of the semester and everything is winding down, but maybe you still need to amp up your blog. So tell me what you got out of this semester in 300 words or more. You can respond to this in a lot of ways– What was your experience like? What did you learn? Did anything surprise you? How will you apply it? Use specific examples to illustrate your points– was there a writing exercise that was helpful? A story that you loved? A song? A cultural practice that made you want to write? etc. Whatever you want to talk about from this semester, go for it. 

Everyone did a fantastic job on their presentations– if you had more to share or we didn’t get to yours, post whatever materials you have on your blog. Be sure to check out your classmates’ work.



The Romani husband and wife team of The Avalon Jazz Band

See them perform in Central Park:



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