Welcome ENC1142-01!

The Spring semester has commenced and here we are. The deal is that I post blog prompts here, and you respond to them in you own blog post in 300 words or more. Each blog will have its own specific instructions. You also need to leave a 100 word or more comment on a classmate’s blog– your classmates are all listed on the blog roll. It needs to be a thoughtful, specific, and respectful response to the blogger’s post– ideally, we’re fostering a discussion. Extra comments and extra class-relevant posts (you could post about Romani culture, Romani writers, writing in general, Romani issues, articles about writing and/or Romani arts and culture… etc) will count as extra-credit.

I suggest that you follow the blog so that you always know when it’s updated. You can always “unfollow” after the semester is finished, if you like, or you can hang around. Aside from the (mandatory) assigned blog posts, I’ll post extra class-relevant things from time to time and you can post responses to them for extra credit if you like, or you can just check them out.

Opre Roma!



Roma Demo French Embassy – Photo Copyright: “Stalingrad ONeill”

Image source: www.indymedia.org.uk


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