Burlesque as empowerment through race and gender performance– Interview in Racialicious

I recommend everyone read this interview, “Race + Burlesque: Dita Von Teese Yellowface” in the ezine Racialicious–the intersection of race and pop culture because it’s a strong example of argument and analysis and will probably be helpful for your research paper. And you should especially read it if you’re working with issues of sexualization, objectification, race performance, exoticism, and empowerment through sexuality. Burlesque dancers Andrea Plaid, The Shanghai Pearl, Chicava HoneyChild, Essence Revealed, and ExHOTic Other analyze Dita Von Teese’s “Opium Dean” burlesque show use literary theorist Edward Said’s Orientalism to argue why it’s problematic for a white woman to wear “yellow face” (depict herself as ‘Asian’) They also argue that performing one’s own ethnicity through burlesque can be empowering and discuss how that idea has shaped their own acts. Although it’s a great example of argument and analysis, it’s a laid-back interview so it would be suitable as an auxiliary source to your 3 academic sources. However, the works they mention, like Edward Said’s Orientalism, would be perfect as one of your academic sources


image source: forum.purseblog.com


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