Blog 5: Laura Mulvey, the male gaze, and representations of Romani women


Still-shot from Rear Window, analyzed by Mulvey as an example of “the male gaze.”

We’ve been talking a lot about the sexualization of Romani women, and one of the keystones of feminist aesthetics and psychoanalytic feminist film theory is Laura Mulvey’s groundbreaking work “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema.” For this week’s blog post, your job is to read Laura Mulvey’s “Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema”! Next, select a clip or photo of a sexualized representation of a Romani woman to analyze using Mulvey’s theory. Use specific examples from the clip  or photo to analyze and support your analysis with at least one quote from Mulvey. Cite using MLA format as you would in a research paper. 300 words minimum and shoot for a balance of 30% summary and 70% analysis. Remember to include the photo or clip in your post so everyone can see what you’re working with.


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