Romani women making films and taking names! Opre Roma!

Faces of Change is a powerful documentary on the representation of Romani women and the strong, successful, professional Romani women who are raising awareness and making changes for the better. 


BUVERO- Roma Women Citizen Journalism training- Sheja short Film

“Any violent act committed only against women that causes or may cause physical, sexual or mental damage is considered violence against women; including any threats of these acts, coercion or any arbitrary deprivation of liberty in the public or private sphere.

Violence against women is the most extreme form of women’s discrimination; however, it is only one form of discrimination. The low representation of women in politics (only 8% of the Hungarian members of Parliament are women), the disqualification from and prohibition of learning and exercising the right to vote (in Hungary the women can only vote since 1945 regardless of their financial situation), the “glass ceiling” at work that prevents women from getting promoted, the disparity in salaries between men and women, these are all examples of negative discrimination of women in society.

At the BUVERO Women’s Media Camp, the four members of the team Sheja, led by Kristóf Asbót and Miklós Barna, created a film interpretation of this topic. This short movie is the result of their work in which the four debuting Roma filmmakers introduce themselves.”


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