Blog 10: a free for all poem about some aspect of Romani culture (aka: the research poem) (aka: the wild card poem)

For the last poem in our series, you will write a poem inspired by any aspect of Romani culture that you wish. For this, you need to do some research. Pick an aspect of Romani culture that you’re curious about, like rituals, human rights, language, music, dance, history, beliefs, taboos, idioms, celebrations, Romani icons, spirituality, famous Roma, folklore, folk medicine, cuisine, fashion, etc… whatever you fancy. Some good places to start are ROMBASE  PatrinRADOCThe Gypsy Chronicles, and the Romedia Foundation. Also, your coursebooks We are the Romani people and Roads of the Roma will be helpful too. Then, write 300 words or more about the topic you chose, citing your (trustworthy) source, and explain what you want to achieve in your poem.

Here are some more specific examples for inspiration

Romani music

an article on Hungarian Romani music on ROMBASE

Esma Redzepova, one of the most famous Romani singers in Europe, singing Dzelem Dzelem, the Romani anthem, written to commemorate those who died in the Holocaust (O Porrajmos), and for International Roma Day, celebrated April 8th.

Balkanarama— a short list of Romani singers and musicians

 The Avalon Jazz band, Gypsy-style Parisian jazz

Bireli Lagrene, The Gipsy Project, “Minor Swing”

The Gypsy Kings, “Djobi Djoba”

Famous Roma

Papusza, the mother of Romani poetry

Matéo Maximoff,  Romani writer

Katarzyna Pollok, Romani artist

We are the Romani people has a good list of famous Roma

Romani spirituality

Romani (“Gypsy”) Religion by Dr. Ian Hancock

Patrin– Romani beliefs

Rom-facts– Roma Culture: an introduction

The Romani Goddess Kali Sara by Ronald Lee

Romani Fashion

Interview with Erika Varga of Romani Design

“Romani Fashion and the Politics of Dressing ‘Gypsy'” in Quail Bell Magazine


And on and on….

images (1)


The Romani flag


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