Romani women face discrimination because of cultural stereotypes, lecturer says

Check out this article about in The Daily Texan about the ways in which “Gypsy” stereotypes in pop culture and the media, particularly representations of Romani women as promiscuous, immoral, and inhuman, fuels the Romani human rights crisis. 

“The rape of Romani women isn’t considered a crime because of this Jezebel trope [of the Roma],” Oprea said. “People see Gypsy women as ‘welfare queens,’ sexually promiscuous and irresponsible. 

The discrimination and subordination Romani women face parallel that of minority women in the U.S., Oprea said. 

“Like African-Americans and Native Americans, Roma have a long history of subordination in the hands of white supremacy,” Oprea said. “Just as the rape of black women by white slave masters was essential to the perpetuation of the system of slavery in the U.S., the rape of Romani women was essential to the system of slavery in Romania.”


For extra-credit, in 300 words or more, analyze the parallels between an example of a pop culture “Gypsy” stereotype and a Romani human rights infringement.


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